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GSO’s Second Annual Art Contest:

What Does Gender Equality Mean to You?

The Stony Brook University Graduate Student Organization (GSO), the Stony Brook’s HeForShe Chapter, and Graduate Women in Science and Engineering (GWiSE) are pleased to announce the second annual Art Contest with the theme of Gender Equality. The contest is open to all Stony Brook students currently enrolled in a certificate, undergraduate, master’s or doctoral program and Stony Brook affiliated postdocs.

Through advocating for Gender Equality, we strive to inspire everyone to look past everyday misconceptions and create an inclusive environment for people of all genders. We stand for equality, empowerment, and education for all. Our members actively promote gender equality through their everyday actions, such as taking on student leader roles that allow them to voice important opinions that demonstrate how we as a community should be taking steps in order to eliminate gender biases. It is up to us as a community to act as a positive driving force to push for a change that will benefit society as a whole.

While preparing your artwork for submission, you may like to consider:

$    a.     What does gender equality mean to you and how does it affect you?

$    b.     How do you see gender equality in your community (department, campus, etc.)?

$    c.     What is the societal and global impact of gender equality?

$    d.     How can we shape the future of gender equality through art?

      - The artworks will be judged in terms of aesthetics, content, and representational appropriateness

Contest Rules and Information:

- The artwork must be submitted digitally online. Any form of a 2D artwork (e.g. photo, painting, sketch) will be considered.

- The artwork must be accompanied by a caption (100 words or less) explaining the photo and its connection to the theme of contest (Gender Equality).

You can submit an original picture on the theme of *Gender Equality* clicked by you on your camera to enter this contest. Along with the caption please also mention the location it was shot at and name of the artist. 

- Each participant can only submit one artwork.

- Entries will be showcased in an online gallery.

- The submissions must have the highest resolution possible.

- Submissions are due no later than Sunday, April 30th.

- The top ten submissions (five from graduate students/post-docs and five from undergraduate students) will be selected by a panel of judges to be exhibited in the SAC.

- There will be a reception in SAC on Wednesday, May 3rd. The details of the event will be announced in late April. 

Terms & Conditions:

By submitting artwork, participants grant Stony Brook University permission to display and reproduce the artworks, and to use them in ways that promote the University’s mission. Participants retain ownership and copyright to their artwork.


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